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The current staff of the Safety and Health Control Center includes one Director (“Manager of labor safety and health affairs” qualified) and two Labor Safety Professionals. Furthermore, NCHU also Organizationd a Safety and Health Committee, whose member includes President, vice Presidents, Deans and representatives of every College of NCHU, to elaborate the related policies of campus safety and health issues.

Title Name Telephone E-mail
Director Lin, Min-Der 589
Environmental protection Section Chief Wu, Keng-Tung 705
Labor safety and health Section Chief Yang, Chi 589
Technical Staff Tsai, Shu-Ching 589轉19
Associate Technical Staff 589轉16
Technical Staff Lu, Chien-Lin 565轉20
Technical Worker Chan, Shu-Wan 705轉21
Full-time Provisional Clerk Wan, Sheng-Pin 458轉18
Assistant Clerk Chien, Chiung-Yao 565轉15