General household waste

Waste is essentially a misplaced resource. When placed in the right location for effective reuse, it becomes a resource. Recycling and reusing waste not only serve as raw materials but also reduce environmental pollution. Shifting from the concept of "proper disposal" to "zero waste" is crucial in waste management. Through practices such as green production, green consumption, source reduction, resource recycling, reuse, and regeneration, waste is viewed as a "misplaced resource." This perspective aims to achieve the goal of fully categorized, zero waste.

The waste disposal methods and removal schedule of National Chung Hsing University.

Instructions for Waste Disposal and Collection on Campus
Category Collection Method and Schedule
1-1 General household waste (non-recyclable) To be collected along with sorted raw and cooked food waste by campus garbage trucks at fixed times and locations every day from 8:20 AM to 10:43 AM.
※※Note: Non-transparent plastic bags may not be used as garbage bags.
1-2 General household waste (recyclable) To be collected by recycling trucks at fixed times and locations on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:20 AM to 10:43 AM:
(1) 1 Paper food containers, 2glass food containers, 3tin cans, 4aluminum cans, 5plastic bottles, 6recyclable soft plastic covers, 7recyclable plastics, and 8other recyclable items are collected on Tuesdays (please see Table 2 for sorting instructions).
(2) 1 Food containers and 2paper items are collected on Fridays.
Note: Food containers should be cleaned properly with no leftover scraps or liquids.
1-3 General household tempered glass items Please retain for collection at the times and locations announced before Lunar New Year during the annual Taichung Cleanup Month
1-4 General household pottery and ceramics Please retain for collection at the times and locations announced before Lunar New Year during the annual Taichung Cleanup Month
Additional Notes::
  • ·The fixed collection schedule and route for campus garbage trucks (every working day), recycling trucks (Tuesdays and Fridays), and hazardous industrial waste transporters (Fridays) are as follows.
The scheduled collection time and route for fixed-point waste removal are as shown in the following table:
108:20North side of the Administration Building
208:30East side of the Humanities Building
308:35North side of the Teaching Complex Building
408:40West side of the Agricultural & Environmental Science Building
508:50West side of the Life Sciences Building
608:55Second parking lot beside the Chemical & Material Engineering Building
709:10North side of the former Science & Engineering Building
809:15International Agricultural Research Center Main Entrance
909:25West side of the Food Science & Biotechnology Building
1009:35West side of the Civil & Environmental Engineering Building
1109:40East side of the Innovation Incubator
1209:45West side of the Chemistry Building
1310:00North side of the Graduate Institute of Precision Engineering
1410:15East side of the Library
1510:20Gymnasium, Main Entrance
1610:25North side of the Veterinary Medicine Building
1710:35Intersection east of the Track and Field Stadium
1810:38East side of the Yun Ping Building
1910:43South side of the Social Sciences and Management Building
Those who arbitrarily discard general household garbage on campus will be reported to the Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau and fined as per Article 50 of the Waste Disposal Act.
Table 2: General Recyclable Household Garbage
For full use of recycled items, please sort them according to the table below and place them in designated spots marked by classification signs next to the recycling truck on Tuesdays and Fridays. The NCHU Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection Center (the Center) will also send on-site staff to assist. Thank you for your cooperation. (Please visit the Center’s website for photos of recyclables.)
1Paper Food ContainersPaper bento boxes (cleaned properly with no leftover scraps or liquids) and drink cartonsTuesdays and Fridays
2Paper ItemsPaper products, cardboard boxes (cartons), photocopies, newspaper, wrapping paper, shredded scraps, book reports, and other documentsFridays
3Tin CansTin cans, milk powder cans, and other tin items that cannot be flattenedTuesdays
4Aluminum CansAluminum cans for soft drinks, coffee, juice, beer, and other items that can be flattened
5Plastic BottlesResin Identification Code 1 (PET) plastic bottles
6Plastic ContainersPlastic cups and containers for milk, beverages, coffee, yogurt, juice, Yakult, laundry detergent, and plastic bottles with Resin Identification Code (RIC) 2 (HDPE), 3 (PVC), 4 (LDPE), 5 (PP), 6 (PS), and 7 (Other)
7Recyclable Plastics(A) Plastic bowls, plates, cookie trays, bento boxes and lids, cup and bowl lids, and RIC 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE), 5 (PP), 6 (PS), and 7 (Other) items excluding PLA bio-plastics.
(B)Protective plastic white packaging foam, clean bags without printing or logos, and packing rope
8Other Items Not Listed (A) White Styrofoam board, containers, etc. (without printing or logos)
(B) Glass food containers (wine, soy sauce, etc.) and other non-laboratory glass items
(C) Stainless steel and soft aluminum items that are not bottles or cans (pots, bowls, plates, etc.)
(D) Batteries
(E) CDs (excluding CD boxes) and electrical wire
(D) General small appliances (computers, screens, fans, etc.)
  • Please contact the Center before disposing of metal and plastic products not listed above.
  • Please contact the Center before disposing of OA items, classroom desks and chairs, cabinets, or other bulky garbage.
  • Please contact the Center before disposing of post-lab animal carcasses, remains, and organic waste.
Table 3: Plastic Foam Disposal
Category Garbage truck
(Monday to Friday)
Recycling truck
(Tuesdays on the main campus; Fridays at Men’s First Dormitories; Thursdays at Men’s Second Dormitories, Women’s Dormitories, and Xiangshang Branch Veterinary Hospital)
StyrofoamWhiteClean, white, unmarked Styrofoam board (e.g., shock-absorbing materials for protecting equipment)Not CollectedCollected
Clean, white, unmarked Styrofoam (insulated) containersCollected
Dirty white StyrofoamAt own expense
Styrofoam beverage cupsAt own expense
ColoredAll colored Styrofoam containers, cups, etc.At own expense
StyrofoamWhiteClean, white, unmarked PE foam (e.g., shock-absorbing materials for protecting equipment)Not CollectedCollected
Dirty white PE foamAt own expense
ColoredAll colored PE foamAt own expense
Plastic foamAllAll types of plastic foam not listed above (sofas, cushions, filters, and other types of stuffing)Not CollectedAt own expense