Post-lab hazardous industrial waste

In our school, the handling of infectious medical waste follows the Environmental Protection Administration's Waste Disposal Act and the standards for the storage, clearance, and treatment of industrial waste. This is done to ensure appropriate treatment and to safeguard environmental quality.

(1) Waste items such as needles, syringes, microbial culture dishes, strains, and related biological products fall under the category of infectious hazardous medical waste. They should be classified and stored separately from other types of waste.
(2) Packaging and storage methods for infectious hazardous medical waste:
  • Sharp objects waste (e.g., needles, syringes): Seal in a sturdy container that is not easily penetrated. Before disposal, use leak-proof, tear-resistant, and red plastic bags labeled as infectious medical waste for collection. Storage is limited to one year.
  • Infectious waste: Pack in leak-proof, tear-resistant, and red plastic bags labeled as infectious medical waste. If stored in refrigeration between zero to five degrees Celsius, the storage limit is seven days. If frozen at zero degrees Celsius or below, the storage limit is thirty days.
(3) The red plastic collection bags mentioned above should be purchased according to needs. Ensure they are properly filled out and affix the "Infectious Medical Waste Transport Form" on them.

The waste disposal methods and removal schedule of National Chung Hsing University.

Instructions for Waste Disposal and Collection on Campus
Category Collection Method and Schedule
2-2 Post-lab hazardous industrial waste 1.Hazardous industrial waste from laboratories (discarded needles, syringes, microbial Petri dishes, bacterial strains, and other related bioproducts) must be collected by a qualified waste manager as per the Waste Disposal Act.
Please process items according to the following rules for collection by hazardous industrial waste transporters every Friday:
(1)To avoid injury, place discarded needles and syringes in a hard impenetrable container made of a thick plastic material with a sealable lid. Please ensure no needles are protruding and the container can be kept upright and stable during use.
(2)The completed Hazardous Medical Waste Disposal Form shall be taped to the red garbage bag.
*Hazardous industrial waste and containers not placed in red garbage bags as per regulations will be rejected.