【Other】Information Security Declaration


Welcome to the website of the Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Center at National Chung Hsing University! To ensure your peace of mind while using the various services provided on this website, we would like to explain our information security and personal privacy policy as follows:

Collection and Use of Personal Data
When you subscribe to newsletters or other related services, the information you provide will not be used for purposes beyond the specified collection purposes, and it will not be disclosed to third parties.
Data Security and Protection
This website is equipped with firewalls and intrusion detection systems to prevent illegal intrusion, damage, or theft of data, avoiding unauthorized access and use of relevant information. Additionally, all download services are tested by the website, ensuring secure access and use.
Self-Protection Measures
Lastly, we remind you not to provide personal information to anyone. Also, after logging into various management pages, be sure to log out to safeguard your rights.