Occupational Safety and Health Committee

To establish a sense of environmental protection, safety, and hygiene among all members of our school and create a healthy and comfortable living space, we have formulated the Environmental Safety and Health Policy of our school as "Creating a safe and reassuring campus space; building a healthy and environmentally sustainable green campus." The operation and promotion of the school's environmental safety and health management system are the directions followed unanimously by the principal and all faculty and staff.

According to the provisions of Article 2 and Article 6 of the "Organization and Inspection of Occupational Safety and Health for Workers," business units, as stipulated, should establish a labor safety and health committee. The committee should meet at least once every three months and carry out the following matters, keeping records:

  1. Provide suggestions for the occupational safety and health policy proposed by the employer.
  2. Coordinate and suggest autonomous safety and health management plans.
  3. Deliberate on the implementation plan for safety and health education and training.
  4. Deliberate on the measures to be taken based on the results of environmental measurements in the workplace.
  5. Deliberate on health management and health promotion matters.
  6. Deliberate on various safety and health proposals.
  7. Deliberate on automatic inspection and safety and health audit matters for business units.
  8. Deliberate on preventive measures for hazards related to machinery, equipment, or raw materials.
  9. Deliberate on occupational accident investigation reports.
  10. Assess the performance of on-site safety and health management.
  11. Deliberate on safety and health management matters for subcontracted business.
  12. Other matters related to occupational safety and health management.

The committee meetings mentioned above are chaired by the chairman, who is the chief committee member, and ad-hoc meetings may be convened when necessary.