Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection Center includes one Director (“Manager of Occupational safety and health affairs” qualified) and two Division Chief. Furthermore, NCHU also Organizationd a Committee for Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection, whose member includes President, vice Presidents, Deans and representatives of every College of NCHU, to elaborate the related policies of campus safety and health issues.

    In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of accidents, pollution and personal injury or diseases at laboratory in campus, the NCHU organized this Safety and Health Control Center (SAHC). The responsibility of SAHC is to plan and conduct the following tasks:

    1. To prepare a detailed occupational accident prevention plan, and guide the related departments to implement it.
    2. To plan and oversee occupational safety and health management of each department.
    3. To plan and oversee examinations and inspections of occupational safety and health installations.
    4. To direct and supervise related personnel in conducting inspection tours, periodic, inspections, priority inspections and measurement of work environment.
    5. To plan and conduct occupational safety and health education and training.
    6. To plan and oversee the operation and management of toxic chemicals.
    7. To plan labor health examinations, and implement health management.
    8. To oversee occupational accident investigation and response, and compile occupational accident statistics.
    9. To provide the employer with data and suggestions related to occupational safety and health management.
    10. To do any other matters related to occupational safety and health management.