Occupational Safety & Health & Environmental Protection Center (SHE Center)

  • For the safety and health of all faculty, staff, and students, our school is committed to eliminating any hazardous factors in the experimental areas that may lead to disasters, pollution, personal injuries, and diseases. Thus, the "Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection Center" (SHE Center) has been established to provide a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.
  • At the administrative level of the school, this center is classified as a first-level administrative unit. Its main tasks include planning and formulating campus safety and health regulations, supervising and assisting various administrative, teaching, and research units within the school to implement safety and health control measures in experimental areas. This is done to comply with government regulations and provide maximum safety protection.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and establishing a sound management system are the shared responsibilities of all personnel working in the experimental areas. Actively participating in and complying with safety and health regulations to prevent harm and losses are also obligations of every faculty, staff, and student. We look forward to everyone's cooperation and efforts!