Drinking Fountain Water Quality Management

Water Quality Inspection:

  • According to the "Drinking Water Management Regulations" and the "Drinking Water Equipment Maintenance and Management Regulations", the water quality after drinking water treatment must meet the drinking water standards, and the water quality inspection must be conducted by inspection institutions recognized by the Ministry of Environment.
  • Those who install or manage fixed water supply equipment for public use in public and private places, as well as community self-owned public water supply equipment, should undertake four management responsibilities:
  1. Maintenance: At least once a month, either self-maintenance or commission maintenance.
  2. Inspection: The inspection item is the coliform group, and the inspection ratio is one-eighth of all units. If a water dispenser has only a hot water outlet and the water temperature is maintained above 90 degrees Celsius, it is exempt from total bacterial colony inspection.
  3. Record: Maintenance content and water quality inspection conditions should be recorded in detail in the "Drinking Water Equipment Water Quality Inspection and Equipment Maintenance Record Form", and the records and related inspection data should be kept for two years for inspection.
  4. Announcement: The "Drinking Water Equipment Water Quality Inspection and Equipment Maintenance Record Form" should be posted prominently on the drinking water equipment.