Abandoned bikes on campus grounds

To regularly clear abandoned items (bicycles) occupying the campus grounds, this center has formulated the "Campus Abandoned Bicycle Collection Operation Procedure" with reference to the "Criteria for Identifying Abandoned Vehicles on Roads and Reporting and Handling Procedures." We kindly request the responsible units in each area to use this platform to report the quantity of abandoned items (bicycles), facilitating the subsequent cleanup by this center in accordance with the "Waste Clearance Act."

Bicycles occupying campus grounds are deemed as waste under the following circumstances, and after being announced by the respective authority units in each area:
  1. Bicycles with obvious loss of original utility due to "dirt, rust, or damage" on the exterior.
  2. Bicycles that are "disassembled" and have lost their original utility.
  3. Bicycles parked in violation of regulations.

The waste disposal methods and removal schedule of National Chung Hsing University.

Instructions for Waste Disposal and Collection on Campus
Category Collection Method and Schedule
6 Abandoned bikes on campus grounds 1.Determined by each management unit according to the steps below:
(1)Count the number of abandoned bikes occupying campus grounds that need to be disposed of.
(2)Pick up disposal notice stickers for abandoned bikes on campus grounds at the Center.
(3)Write the correct information on each sticker, stamp it with the official seal, then apply them to the bikes.
(4)A public notice for owners to remove or dispose of their bikes within the prescribed period shall be visibly posted in that very building to avoid future disputes.
(5)Register the number of bikes with notices posted on the online platform: https://safety.nchu.edu.tw/web/waste_bicycle.php?bar=3 .
(6)Count and fill in the number of bikes again after the period ends.
2.Upon receiving final confirmation from each unit, the Center will remove bikes based on reports as per the Waste Disposal Act.