【GHS-related】How to comply with GHS regulations for laboratory chemicals


Please update the following information in accordance with the Regulations on the Labeling and General Rules for Hazardous Substances and Mixtures announced by the Executive Yuan's Council of Labor Affairs:

  1. Containers should be clearly labeled with the following information in accordance with the prescribed classification and hazard symbols. The primary language used should be Chinese, supplemented with other languages as necessary:
    • 1.Hazard symbol: A right-angled square with a white background and a red thick border at a 45-degree angle. The symbol inside should be black, and the size should be sufficient for clear recognition.
    • Contents:
      1. (1)Name.
      2. (2)Hazardous components: Components exceeding controlled concentrations of toxic chemicals should be labeled with the names announced by the competent authority (in both Chinese and English), along with the words "toxic chemical substance," and the weight percentage of toxic chemical substances (w/w).
      3. (3)Warning messages.
      4. (4)Hazard warning messages: The content should comply with the Hazard Characteristics listed in the National Standards of the Republic of China (CNS 15030).
      5. (5)Hazard precautionary measures: Implement pollution control measures based on the characteristics of hazardous substances.
      6. (6)Manufacturer or supplier's name, address, and phone number: The supplier is the operator of the toxic chemical substance.
    2.For containers with a volume of 100 milliliters or less, only the name, hazard symbol, and warning message may be indicated.
  2. Review the accuracy of the content of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) based on actual conditions and update it as necessary.