Toxicity and Concerned Chemical Substance Management

【Toxicity and Concerned Chemical Substance Management】How are toxic substances labeled in operating locations, facilities, and containers?


In accordance with Article 8 of the Regulations for the Management of Toxic Chemicals in Academic Institutions and relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Labeling and Safety Data Sheet Management of Toxic Chemicals:
1. Ensure the implementation of GHS labeling on containers and packaging of toxic substances (no damage allowed). (Article 4)
(Refer to the "Bureau of Toxic Substances and Chemicals" website>Business Zone>Toxic Chemical Safety Data Sheet and Hazard Labeling: [https://www.tcsb.gov.tw/lp-271-1.html](https://www.tcsb.gov.tw/lp-271-1.html))

2. Implement operational labeling (highlighted in red) for operating locations and facilities. (Article 10).

For more information, you can visit our center's website>Form Download>Toxic Chemical Management>Toxic Chemical Operation Site Labeling (in Chinese and English).