Toxicity and Concerned Chemical Substance Management

【Toxicity and Concerned Chemical Substance Management】How often should the Safety Data Sheet be updated? How is it updated?


In accordance with Article 12 of the Regulations on the Labeling of Hazardous Substances and Safety Data Sheets, as well as Article 15 of the Regulations on the Labeling of Hazardous Materials and General Rules:

Manufacturers, importers, suppliers, or employers should review the accuracy of the safety data sheet content based on actual conditions, update it in a timely manner, and conduct a review at least once every three years. The updated information, including content, date, and version number, should be documented and kept for three years.

Therefore, if the preparation date on the last page of the safety data sheet exceeds three years, please review the content of the safety data sheet. The responsible person at the facility should then sign and date, indicating that the safety data sheet has been reviewed and updated.