【Other】Privacy Statement


Dear friends, thank you for visiting the website of the Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Center at National Chung Hsing University (hereinafter referred to as this website). Regarding your personal privacy, this website fully respects and protects it. To ensure that you can use the various services provided on this website with peace of mind, we would like to explain the privacy protection policy of this website here:

Scope of Declaration:

This statement applies to all websites set up under the name of National Chung Hsing University's domain (Domain Name, namely www.nchu.edu.tw), including safety.nchu.edu.tw, safety.nchu.edu.tw/web, safety.nchu.edu.tw/iso14064, safety.nchu.edu.tw/eshs, etc. However, it does not apply to government websites or other external links linked to this website. You must refer to the privacy protection policy of the linked website for which this website does not assume any joint responsibility.

Collection of Personal Data:

When browsing this website or downloading files, no personal identity information about you will be collected. However, for various online services provided by this website, you may be asked to provide the latest and most accurate information, such as your name, ID number, contact phone number, email, mailing address, etc. The personal information collected by this website will be used within the scope of services provided by National Chung Hsing University or in accordance with the regulations that allow mutual use. Unless required by law, it will not be used for purposes beyond the specified collection purposes.

This website will also retain the information you provide, such as name, ID number, email address, contact information, and usage time, when using service mailboxes or other interactive functions. When browsing or querying web data, the website will also retain relevant records generated by the server, including the IP address of your connecting device, usage time, browsing and click data. These data will be used for internal investigations and analyses of network traffic and behavior to improve the quality of services provided by this website and will not be used for data matching or analysis of individual users.

This website is obligated to protect your privacy and will not arbitrarily modify or delete any of your personal information and files without your consent, except as required by law or for the following reasons:
1. Through legal channels.
2. To protect or defend the rights or property of relevant online users.
3. To protect the interests of various relevant units of this website.

Except for the situations mentioned above, this website will not sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal information to other groups, individuals, or private enterprises. Exceptions include:
1. Cooperation with legal investigations by judicial authorities.
2. Cooperation with investigations or use by relevant authorities in accordance with job needs.
3. Carrying out website service maintenance management and system adjustment operations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and security protection requirements.

Website Security Mechanism:

This website will make every effort to establish a comprehensive security protection mechanism, using software and hardware devices to build a network security mechanism. The website server undergoes regular vulnerability scanning and system vulnerability patching. The website is also equipped with a network log analysis system to detect abnormal records and information on network anomalies. For destructive behavior or attempts to invade the host server, it will be blocked according to relevant security specifications, and law enforcement agencies will be notified.

Use and Transmission of Personal Data:

This website has the right to manage, use, process, or transmit personal data obtained within the specific purposes or scope permitted by law. The period will be from the start of the service to six months after the service stops. The utilization area is in the Taiwan region. This website will make every effort to use reasonable technology and procedures to maintain the security of all personal data.

Use of Cookies and Policy:

This website uses Cookies as a tool for communication and recognition with you, aiming to provide you with better services and facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities. In addition, to statistically count the number of visitors and analyze browsing patterns as a reference for improving the service of this website, Cookies will be written into and read from your browser. If you do not want to accept Cookies, you can modify your acceptance level in the browser settings (such as "Security" in "Internet Options" in IE). If you choose to refuse all Cookies, you may not be able to use the services provided by this website or participate in some activities.

Self-Protection Measures:

Please take good care of your personal information, accounts, credentials, passwords, and other relevant information. Do not provide them to third parties, especially passwords. After using various service functions provided by this website, be sure to log out of your account. If you are using a shared computer or a public computer, be sure to close the browser window after use to prevent others from reading your data.

Rights of the Parties Concerned:

(1) This website follows the "Personal Data Protection Act" and related laws and provides the parties concerned with the right to exercise the following rights concerning their personal data:
1. Requesting inquiry or viewing.
2. Making a copy.
3. Requesting supplementation or correction.
4. Requesting to stop collection, processing, and use.
5. Requesting deletion.

(2) If you wish to exercise the above rights of the parties concerned, please fill out the "Personal Data