Sustainable Development Promotion Committee

In order to achieve the goals of sustainable development in Taiwan and effectively integrate efforts across administrative and academic units to promote sustainability, the National Chung Hsing University Sustainability Development Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) has established the Regulations for the Establishment of the Committee (formerly known as the Regulations for the Establishment of the National Chung Hsing University Green University Promotion Committee).

The responsibilities of the Committee include planning relevant school affairs to achieve the basic requirements of "Campus Sustainable Development," which are as follows:

  1. Enhance the environmental awareness of all faculty, students, and staff, and promote a greater emphasis on environmental issues.
  2. Create a campus culture that pursues sustainable development and actively promote it.
  3. Promote the planning of relevant learning courses, nurturing all students to become socially responsible citizens with environmental literacy.
  4. Promote and implement organic ecological campuses and environmental conservation efforts, aiming to become a model for the community and neighboring schools.
  5. Combine the efforts of the government and private sector, using our university as a connecting platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and research to address environmental issues collaboratively.
  6. Establish partnerships with primary and secondary schools, enhancing their teaching capabilities on environmental sustainability issues, and shaping a culture of sustainable campuses.
  7. Participate in national and international environmental protection organizations or alliances, strengthening cooperation and service on environmental issues.
  8. During the process of promoting campus environmental sustainability development, continue to exchange and collaborate with relevant institutions to achieve the goals of sustainable development in industry, cultural assets, ecology, and the environment.