Prevention of Abnormal Workload

In accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 2, and Article 10 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act by the Ministry of Labor, measures for health management are provided to prevent employees of the university from developing diseases due to abnormal workloads. This includes shift work, night shifts, and prolonged working hours. The aim is to prevent employees from developing brain and cardiovascular diseases due to excessive labor accumulation, achieve early detection, and ensure early treatment, thereby safeguarding the physical and mental health of the relevant workers.


  1. Shift work.
  2. Night shifts.
  3. Prolonged working hours.
  4. Healthcare personnel evaluated based on physical (health) examination reports, with a risk of developing brain or cardiovascular diseases exceeding 10% within the next ten years.
  5. Other abnormal workloads: Including irregular work, frequent business trips, and work environments with abnormal temperatures, noise, or jet lag. Additionally, daily workloads and events associated with mental stress fall into this category.