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Management of Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances in Accordance with Poison Control Regulations

Post Date:2024-03-14

Due to recent concerns over chemicals affecting food safety, please manage and operate toxic and concerning chemical substances in accordance with relevant regulations of the Poison Control Act (hereinafter referred to as "toxicants"). Kindly dispatch personnel immediately to reconfirm the management status of toxicants to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Promotional Note: Our school operates as a site for toxic and concerning chemical substances. In the event of an accident, besides immediately reporting to relevant units: Campus Police: 2284-0285; Environmental Safety Center: 2284-0589 #9; Campus Safety Center: 2287-0885, The workplace supervisor must report to the Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau Duty Center at (04)2328-0380 within 30 minutes. Failure to report within the specified time may result in a fine of over one million to five million New Taiwan dollars, to be paid by the violating unit. Please ensure strict compliance with relevant regulations under the Toxic Chemicals Control Act for the operation of toxicants.