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The results of the campus vector mosquito breeding source inspection on June 20, 2024 (inspected by Vice Principal Chang, Chao-Chin)

Post Date:2024-06-20

As per the instructions of Vice Principal Chang, Chao-Chin:

This morning, June 20, 2024, Vice Principal Zhang conducted a thorough inspection of the school grounds. It was observed that there are still many areas within the school that have not adequately performed self-inspections for disease prevention (the following photos serve as examples for better understanding, but there are more issues across the entire campus). The water-holding containers shown in the photos can easily collect water after rain, creating unpredictable breeding sources for mosquitoes, which is a major focus for the health authorities.

All colleagues are required to actively inspect the environment and remove water-holding containers during the dengue fever season. If the situations shown in the photos are related to experimental equipment or necessary for horticultural activities, and it is challenging to eliminate the breeding sources, it is imperative to inspect these containers for water accumulation daily (especially after heavy rain). Colleagues should increase the frequency of inspections and make immediate improvements. Let’s work together to eliminate mosquito breeding sources to ensure the health and safety of faculty, staff, students, and community residents on campus.

Additionally, all building management committees must adhere to the school's "No Littering" environmental policy. Waste must not be placed in open areas on campus. Finally, if buildings have gutters or basements, inspections must be conducted to ensure there are no drainage issues that could lead to water accumulation, such as in basement fire control rooms, water pump rooms, various drainage gutters, underground wells, or snake prevention trenches in greenhouse areas.